the Roosevelts doc. is over… teary eyed at the moment… this kind of documentary always gets my soft side… and makes me think about life and achievements… very reflective…

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'Little snippets and bobs' Summary (on behance)

Photograph by jane-ta 

Animation by Yoyo The Ricecorpse

Hope you have all enjoyed it! Now which is your favourite? :)

It has been an exciting collaboration with Jane! Her photographs are so beautiful and stylized. It was a privilege to work with them :)

Some of you might remember my previous photo project ‘Paris and the unknown' with Justin Rang. I made a series of animation on B&W film photos. This project with Jane sets me another great challenge…coloured photos!!! I must say colours are always more difficult to deal with than B&W. I don’t know why. No clue. You might disagree with me but give it a try at home. Find a photo that you think is absolutely awful, turn it into B&W and…you might just discovered another master piece! haha.

Anyway. I haven’t really altered the colour of the photos except No.7 ‘Home’.  I added 15% warmth on the whole layer so the image doesn’t look too ‘cold’ as its titled ‘home’. I tried to make my creatures blend in naturally with these photos. 

I aim to create fun, playful and joyful things, nothing too deep that you have to read my caption to understand…I think that we have enough stress in our life, don’t we?  I hope that when you look at my work, all you can think of is ‘yeah fun’, ‘cool’ , ‘oh cute’ and none like ’  omg I dont understand that let’s have a 5 hours discussion about it’.    

Lastly, THANK YOU for all your support tumblr buddies and my special friend who have always been supporting me! (you know who you are) :) any questions or feed backs WELCOME! I’d love to hear them! 


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